Use this page to search for schools and view school information, such as addresses, contact information, enrollment figures, student to teacher ratio, parent ratings and reviews of schools, as well as links to test scores. As always, you will want to contact your local school district to ensure that your home will be within the borders of your desired school district.

GreatSchools is one of the country’s leading sources of information on school performance. With listings of 200,000 public and private schools serving students from pre-school through high school and more than 800,000 parent ratings and reviews, is the go-to guide for parents aiming to make a smart school choice.

National Center for Education Statistics
Find detailed education statics and information on schools through out the country.

Public School Review
Find free, detailed profiles of public and private schools and their surrounding communities.

Private School Review
Free, detailed profiles of private schools.

Georgia Independent School Association (GISA)
Information on private, independent, and parochial schools throughout Georgia.

Yahoo! College Search
Locate and find information on private and state colleges.

Atlanta Public & Private School Information from the AJCHomefinder
Search over 2,000 public & private schools in Atlanta & throughout Georgia

Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE)
Find detailed information from Georgia’s Department of Education.